New Year’s 2021 in China, Take a walk on January 1st at Beijing Road

Beijing Road is one of the most prosperous pedestrian streets in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou. It runs north to south, extending 1,500 meters (1,640 yds) from Guangwei Road to Middle Yanjiang Road in Guangzhou city center. But more often, it refers to a larger area around the junction of No.4 Zhongshan Road and Beijing Road, where …

Guangzhou Yuntai Garden and Baiyun Mountain Amazing Cableway

Yuntai Garden is located at the north entrance of the beautiful Baiyun Mountain and it really lives up to its title of Pear of the Flower City of Guangzhou. This garden features rivers, crystal lakes, stone carvings, and magnificent Roman architecture. Other than that it also has over 200 different flower species.