Guangzhou Haizhu Lake Park

Haizhu Lake Park is a part of the Haizhu Wetland, but it is a free open park. Haizhu Lake is the largest artificial lake in the city center. It is located in the center of the new city. It has a beautiful environment and is a good place for citizens to relax and play.

Haizhu Lake Park is composed of an inner lake and an outer lake. The outer lake is actually a “Yuhuan” composed of six rivers connected by swells. It surrounds the circular inner lake, which is very beautiful. Therefore, Haizhu Lake has also been vividly compared to “golden inlaid with jade”. Haizhu Lake Park coincides with the Guangzhou Tower and the Sports Center. The lake area and orchards form the “ecological green axis” on the southern section of the central axis of Guangzhou, becoming a veritable “green heart” in Guangzhou.